Our ATP-certified containers offer a wide range of flexible, affordable, and high-performance solutions.

ATP containers: which one is best for you?

ATP containers

Temperature-controlled transportation is the Achilles heel of perishable goods distribution. Fortunately, we currently have a versatile range of ATP containers with passive-cooling qualities ensuring that transfers, storage and deliveries do not affect the cold chain of the product you are handling.

These medium and large containers are based on similar technological developments in terms of design, equipment and materials but are intended for different concepts and uses. But before we delve in, we want to explain a little about ATP certification.

ATP certification… Only if you need it!

Some time ago, we wrote about ATP certification in detail (check out this blog post for more details). Back then, we explained that by using ATP-certified containers we don’t need to invest in ATP vehicles, and that also offers us greater flexibility in transportation and delivery.

Let’s start with reusability, ease of use and adapting to customers. From this point on, we’re aware that this type of container gives maximum performance in two different contexts: vehicle delivery and preparing the vehicle and on foot or light vehicle delivery and said model’s requirements.

In the case of Tempack Cold Chain Store 2 Door solutions, ATP certification is available upon request, i.e. when the customer requires it. So if you do not need this certificate for your logistics, you can still enjoy the advantages of our containers without the additional cost.

CarryTemp: ready for anything

Whether it’s moving around the warehouse or fulfilment centre with products and small orders or performing capillary delivery in areas where traffic is restricted and you need a light-weight, robust, stackable, easy-to-handle, top-loader container which meets the food safety criteria of any ATP container.

CarryTemp is perfect for home deliveries: it withstands heavy traffic, mechanical stress and constant handling (loading and unloading of the vehicle, opening and closing). Maintenance is quick and easy (watertight, non-slip, removable and washable inner bag) and quality design and materials ensure a long useful life.

It is available in various sizes from 45 to 360 litres, ensuring up to 48 hours of thermal protection and has many accessories (handles, document holders, pockets, etc.) and the option to include your branding.

Transforming vehicles: CT XL solutions

In other cases, it may be more appropriate to use integrated containers in a vehicle because we can move larger volumes or given the nature of the route. The solutions specifically designed with a front opening are not to be taken off the vehicle, unlike stackable plastic boxes included within this type of solution and transported in temperature-controlled conditions.

Although the Transforming Vehicles range is vast and even customisable, the models have front openings, pockets for coolants, document-holder pockets, Velcro closures, temperature-diffusing metal plates (optional)…

As part of Tempack’s Transforming Vehicles portfolio, we would like to highlight the following models, among others:

  • CT XL2: 318-litre interior volume (2 stackable plastic crates)
  • CT XL6: 605-litre volume (6 stackable crates)
  • CT XL9: 880-litre volume (9 crates), ideal for cargo bikes or trikes.
  • CT XXL: 2,379 litres (20 crates), independent doors (side and front) and internal metal structure.

Based on the thermal efficiency of phase-change material coolants and polyurethane’s insulating ability (as occurs with CarryTemp), the idea is to be able to transform a vehicle (conventional, electric or even a cargo bike) into a multi-temperature vehicle with 24-hour temperature control, and the corresponding ATP certification when requested by the customer.