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Temperature-controlled distribution

Temperature-controlled product distribution has changed forever because the way we buy and transport goods have also changed. Before, end customers who would buy perishable goods online were a minority; today they’re the multitude. In the past, we were hardly concerned about energy costs and the environmental impact, but today we know we could be coming to a dead end.

Soluciones embalaje

We all know that, although the habit does not make the monk, the right packaging says a lot about a corporate image. Moreover, in some industries and sectors, temperature-controlled packaging is not an option, but a necessity.

greenin, sustainability, ecology

The increase in the production and consumption of packaging materials involves a growing waste output at the end of its life. Recycling has been recognized as a rational necessity, compared to alternative traditional deposit in landfill or incineration. In some European countries this is becoming a “legal” necessity. In this sense, GREENING is one of the main trends in new Packaging Systems. What is really this “greening”?

Shopping cart and laptop on table

The Ucommerce is pushing the Fresh Home Delivery Logistics in new directions. To increase the value, the logistic service is changing. Logistics firms need to be faster (“speed-to-market”), predictable and much more focused on the last mile. Deliveries are required in 2 hours and to be served after working hours, including Sunday. The Ucommerce market will require to speed the logistics process and to be more innovative.