We all know that, although the habit does not make the monk, the right packaging says a lot about a corporate image. Moreover, in some industries and sectors, temperature-controlled packaging is not an option, but a necessity.

Our isothermal packaging solutions

Soluciones embalaje

We all know that, although the habit does not make the monk, the right packaging says a lot about a corporate image. Moreover, in some industries and sectors, temperature-controlled packaging is not an option, but a necessity.

At Tempack we have been developing isothermal packaging solutions for over 25 years, facing different challenges along the way and adopting to new requirements. Today we can proudly provide you with a large assortment of validated solutions and products, that was possible to put together thanks to expertise and know-how of our team. If you are looking for a new packaging solution, we will gladly help you to choose the right one for you. 

Single- use range

In case of e-commerce and home food deliveries our customers often do not have an option of retrieving and reusing of packaging, so there is a high demand for single-use packaging solutions, which are both perfectly functional and economical. Here are our bestsellers:

Greenin SU: Our sustainable Greenin solution offers as good thermal insulation as traditional EPS shippers, but in comparison to EPS foam, a single-impact material with no market for recycling, our cotton inlays are made from regenerated textile waste products ( Recycled up to 80% and 100% recyclable). Our Cotton inlays were especially developed for deliveries of frozen products and can be combined with dry ice or frozen cold packs. 

Lipbox: Our most popular e-commerce solution is perfect for distribution of fresh perishable products (meat products, dairy products, etc.). Our Lipbox in combination with cold packs ensures unbroken cold chain between 2-8ºC even up to 48 hours. This foldable thermobox allows you to save up to 80% of storage space and freight costs, as the box is delivered flat. 

Colbag: If you need to provide a solution for your end customers, which can maintain a constant temperature of 2-8 °C during short transits, up to 6 hours, this refrigerating bag may be just what you are looking for. 

Reusable range

We always find “reusing” the best option, that’s why we offer a wide range of reusable cold chain packaging solutions for our clients. We strive for durable materials, simplified handling and zero waste. Here are some of our most popular solutions:

CarryTemp: Ideal for urban mobility and temperature-controlled transportation of fresh and frozen food products. Easy to handle and stack, durable and extremely light CarryTemp passive cooling systems stand out due to their extremely low cost per use. Payload capacity from 45 to 360 litres! ATP certification available upon request!

Greenin RU: Our ecofriendly, foldable cotton inlays offer perfect thermal insulation for popular plastic crates. Combined with cold packs or dry ice can easily hold the required temperatures of transported goods up to 24 hours. Some of the main advantages of those sustainable, Greenin inlays are easy disposal, condensation, and leaks absorption as well as its mold-resistant and odor-free formula.

CTB 36: The isothermal bag, ideal for last mile deliveries has captivated customers all over the world due to its ergonomic design. Our foldable CTB 36 bag is equipped with essential document holders, velcro fastener and shoulder straps which provide comfort and functionality in daily use. It is suitable for transportation of both refrigerated and frozen products. 

Transforming vehicles

Nowadays, refrigerated transport is facing many new challenges. Our Transforming Vehicles solutions were specifically designed to facilitate urban mobility. As smart city solutions our systems  are allowed into Zero CO2 emission zones. If you are looking for an alternative, ecofriendly solution to refrigerated vehicles or rotational molding insulated containers, we would be happy to help you to easily convert any conventional vans, e-vans, cargo bikes or e-scooters into multi-temperature delivery vehicles according to your specific business requirements. 

Customised solutions

In need of a custom-made solution? We can provide you a “tailor-made”, tested and qualified solution for any possible scenario for various products in different sizes to maintain the required temperature during deliveries even up to 120 hours. Each case is different, depending on the nature of the transported goods, their payload, ambient temperature, means of transport, transit time, etc.  We would be happy to support you in defining your requirements and propose some tailor-made solutions. Just tell us what you need!

That was just a quick overview, for you to explore some of our most popular solutions. If you would like to find out more just click here to visit our website and get all the details.