Customised solutions

Customised solutions
Fully customised packaging systems

At Tempack Cold Chain S2D, we design, test and produce thermal packaging systems for temperature control.

Our custom-made systems are tested and qualified to suit the most demanding temperature control requirements.

We design, test and manufacture temperature control systems to meet specific size, shape, material and temperature qualifications.

Hundreds of custom-designed tests and qualifications are conducted annually by our R&D team. These apply to both single-use and reusable shipping systems to suit temperatures between -25 ̊C and +60 ̊C, and payloads from 1 to 2,500 litres.

Customised systems

Features of Customised solutions


Customised to individual requirements

Variable sizes
and configurations

Industry specific
qualification services

Transport specific
design capabilities

In-house and external
training programs

technical support

Problem evaluation and analysis