CarryTemp Bag

CarryTemp Bag

Reusable thermal bag

Tempack CTB36 is a patented, reusable solution composed of an insulated external bag with inner super-insulation material and high-performance cooling elements.

When combined, these qualities – conceived during CTB 36’s design and testing phases – make it an ideal carrier for home delivery services that require chilled and frozen products to reach a destination in their correct temperature state.

This reusable, performance-based solution stands up to the most demanding requirements of top, global, e-commerce companies.

Features of CarryTemp Bag

Top ecommerce companies’ choice

Up to 4,5h
thermal protection

temperature control

Best value
for money

Tempack Cold Chain S2D iconStandard and customised
solutions available

Simple design enables quick and easy assembly

Tempack Cold Chain S2D iconPatented

Reusable Thermal solution

Details CarryTemp Bag

carrytemp bag

Highlights CarryTemp Bag

  • Reusable solution for chilled and frozen products.
  • Last mile deliveries. Hold times of up to 4.5h.
  • Foldable solution. Very easy and fast assembly.
  • Internal pockets for the cooling elements.
  • Customisation: colour and 1 ink logo printing.
  • Different quality finishings: fabric, PVC, velcro closures, handle, shoulder straps, documents carriers.
  • Different cold packs configurations depending on the temperature profile and/or product payload.

Tempack Cold Chain S2D icon
Payload (liters)
Tempack Cold Chain S2D icon
Temperature Range (ºC)
Chilled, Frozen
Tempack Cold Chain S2D icon
Duration (hours)
Up to 4,5h

Specifications CarryTemp Bag

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(mm LxWxH)
(mm LxWxH)
CTB36 18L18Chilled, Frozen+/- 6330 x 220 x 380360 x 250 x 400+/- 3