IsoBox 2Door

IsoBox 2Door

The high-performance shipper with low cost per use

This addition to the Tempack reusable solutions range has been tailored specifically to the needs of food distribution/fulfillment centres. A supreme alternative to EPP shippers, IsoBox 2Door offers all the hallmarks of a high-performance solution without all the associated costs.

It has everything a food consignor needs to safely transport fresh, perishable and frozen foods for anything up to 24 hours. IsoBox 2Door consists of an PVC outer cover, an inner PU container and a separate lid with an embedded magnetic closure system where a eutectic plate is placed. Easy to use, this lightweight, functional shipper is incredibly economical, reducing operational time and costs. It is also completely waterproof; both inner and outer bags can be removed for efficient cleaning.

Features of IsoBox 2Door

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Tailored for food distribution

Up to 24h
thermal protection

Lightweight packaging

Economical to use

Chilled, frozen and ambient temperature control options

Easy assembly
speeds up packing process

Waterproof solution

Tempack Cold Chain S2D iconStandard and customised
solutions available

Details IsoBox 2Door

Freezing trolley Isobox 2 door

Highlights IsoBox 2Door

  • The ultimate and improved alternative to EPP shippers.
  • Excellent performance with hold time up to 24 hours.
  • Suitable for different temperature ranges: chilled and frozen.
  • Eutectic plates and/or dry ice options available for all temperatures.
  • Lightweight packaging requiring minimal dry ice or cold packs.
  • Economical solution: extremely low cost per use.
  • Operational simplicity: separate lid with embedded magnetic system.
  • Fully waterproof solution.
  • Inner and outer bags can be removed for cleaning.
  • Optional modification of dimensions and finishings.
  • Customisation options: logo, colours, whiteboard, barcodes, document holders, compartments.
  • Patent pending.

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Inner Volume
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Temperature Range (ºC)
Chilled, Frozen
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Duration (hours)
Up to 24

Specifications IsoBox 2Door

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(mm LxWxH)
(mm LxWxH)
Isobox 2Door40-49Chilled, Frozen24520 x 320 x 240600 x 400 x 3204