Transforming Vehicles

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Transforming Vehicles
Delivery solutions for smart cities

Transform your conventional cargo vehicle into a refrigerated delivery vehicle

In no time at all you can transform any conventional delivery vehicle into a 2-chamber delivery vehicle and ensure an unbroken cold chain.

CarryTemp Transforming Vehicles is a reusable systems range that has been designed specially for Store 2 Door deliveries of fresh, perishable and frozen food products. It is based on ecological passive cooling elements which allow you not only to decrease CO2 emissions but also to greatly reduce your transportation costs. The expensive services of refrigerated vehicles will no longer be necessary.

The systems are extremely light compared to actively-cooled vehicles or rotational moulding insulated containers. At the same time, these systems provide exceptionally good insulation and a very high level of robustness.

With a CarryTemp Transforming Vehicle system, any conventional vehicle can be quickly transformed into a 2-chamber refrigerated vehicle.

Features of Transforming Vehicles

Up to 24h
thermal protection

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solutions available

to condition


Robust design helps protect payload during transit

PCM coolants enable safe storage before and during shipping

Tempack Cold Chain S2D iconChilled , ambient and frozen temperature control options

Provides proven temperature control during transit

Details Transforming Vehicles

transforming vehicles - Transform your conventional cargo vehicle into a refrigerated delivery vehicle

Highlights Transforming Vehicles

  • Transform an ordinary vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle.
  • Perfect solution for all cargo bikes, electric and conventional delivery vehicles.
  • Excellent cooling performance, refrigerated and frozen during an entire working day.
  • Much cheaper than an actively cooled vehicle (dismantling is not necessary).
  • Extremely light (only 30kg).
  • Smart city solution allowed into Zero CO2 emission zones.
  • ATP certification (upon request).
  • 24h unbroken cold chain guarantee even in midsummer.
  • Maximum payload for your cargo.
  • Highly durable. Extremely light. Very high insulation.
  • Custom-made for your existing fleet upon request.

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Inner Volume
From 45 up to 2300
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Temperature Range (ºC)
Chilled, Ambient, Frozen
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Duration (hours)
Up to 24

Specifications Transforming Vehicles

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(mm LxWxH)
(mm LxWxH)
CT 45P45Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24540 x 320 x 260600 x 400 x 3203
CT 77P77Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24580 x 390 x 340680x x 490 x 4405
CT 84P4Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24660 x 360 x 355750 x 450 x 4507
CT 147N147Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24680 x 540 x 400800 x 660 x 52013
CT 246N246Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24680 x 540 x 670800 x 660 x 79015
CT XL2318Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24940 x 650 x 5701080 x 790 x 71017
CT 330N AN330Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24835 x 545 x 725975 x 685 x 86517
CT 360N360Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24995 x 540 x 6701115x 660 x 79018
CT XL6605Chilled, Ambient, Frozen24903 x 668 x 10031035 x 790 x 114030
CT XL9880Chilled, Ambient, Frozen241320 x 660 x 10101460 x 800 x 115040
CT 2233 XXL2233Chilled, Ambient, Frozen241510 x 1020 x 14501650 x 1130 x 165075