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Thermal packaging made of recycled cotton

The Upcycled Greenin Range is an innovative, sustainable solution; a cost-effective parcel shipper made of recycled materials.

Cotton inlays are carefully constructed to create effective insulation layers that offer equal or even better efficiencies to those of traditional expanded polystyrene shippers. They are easily and globally recyclable.

Once delivered to the end customer, they can be disposed of in either commercial or household curbside recycling bins.

Greenin Upcycled Solutions have been designed to prevent temperature excursion when shipping temperature-sensitive products and have been qualified for up to 48 hours of thermal protection. Chilled and frozen food products can now be shipped with complete reliability.

Lipbox Foldable thermal packaging for food products - Embalaje isotérmico plegable para productos agroalimentarios - Faltbare Isolierverpackung für Lebensmittelprodukte

Foldable thermal packaging for food products

The Lipbox solutions range has been developed for the distribution of agro food products, which are perishable or sensitive to temperature changes.

Each product in the suite has been designed and tested for national and continental shipments. Transit (hold on) times of between 24-48 hours, temperature ranges between 0-8°C and payloads of up to 22 litres, can all be upheld.

Lipbox Solutions have thermal insulating and refrigerating capabilities that are designed in XPS (extruded polystyrene) with components that boast a high thermal performance.