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The Tempack Cold Chain Store 2 Door ranges of reusable thermal solutions answer many of the shipping challenges that leading e-commerce and food companies now face in the global cold chain.
Meeting all temperature requirements and modes of transportation, these insulated systems offer unparalleled performance.
Reusable design features improve sustainability by reducing carbon footprint and minimising packaging waste. Customer disposal costs involved in tedious destruction processes are also eliminated.
Carrytemp - Sistema ligero y robusto para entrega a domicilio - A validated system created specifically for home delivery - Ein validiertes System, das speziell für Auslieferungen an Kunden entwickelt wurde e

Validated system created specifically for home delivery, under ATP certification

The reusable CarryTemp system has been designed specially for store-to-door deliveries of fresh, perishable and frozen food products.
It is based on ecological passive cooling elements which allow you not only to decrease CO2 emissions but also to greatly reduce your transport costs. The expensive services of refrigerated vehicles will no longer be necessary.

With a CarryTemp system, any conventional vehicle can be quickly transformed into a 2-chamber refrigerated vehicle.

Sustainable, reusable thermal packaging for home deliveries

The eco-friendly reusable solution for home delivery

Greenin RU CC310 and CC365 are Tempack’s sustainable, reusable, insulated systems, designed to transport chilled and frozen products at controlled temperatures.
Greenin Reusable is composed of insulated inlays made from 100% recycled cotton, which reduces the environmental impact. Greenin inlays come in a flat-packed format to help save space during delivery and storage. These solutions are very easy to assemble and recycle once used.

CarryTemp Bag - Reusable thermal bag

The perfect choice for last mile deliveries

Tempack CTB 36 is a reusable bag formulated specially for home delivery services. It is equally effective for both chilled and frozen products.

As a result of its outstanding thermal performance, usability and excellent value for money, our CarryTemp Bag has frequently been chosen by leading e-commerce companies.