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Tempack has extensive experience in the e-commerce, logistics and food sectors. The know-how accumulated over almost two decades is at your disposal and will ensure your temperature-sensitive products are transported and received within their required temperature ranges.

Tempack’s Store 2 Door provides a wide range of validated, cost-effective, single-use solutions specially conceived for the cold chain distribution of perishables and frozen food products. These solutions prevent product spoilage during delivery, so customers can count on receiving goods in perfect condition.
greenin sustainable Tempack Cold Chain S2D - Cold Chain Packaging

Greenin SU

A single-use, packaging revelation for more sustainable cold chain shipping.

Store 2 Door Greenin Solutions is the innovative new edition to our portfolio — a cost-effective parcel shipper made of 100% recycled cotton.

Easily and globally recyclable, the system has been designed with effective insulation layers that offer similar efficiencies to those of traditional shippers.

Cotton has excellent insulating properties. A thermal conductivity value of 0.029 W/mK to 0.035 W/mK is at least as good as EPS (Styrofoam) and significantly better than other natural insulating materials such as cellulose, straw, or hemp.

Lipbox Foldable thermal packaging for food products - Embalaje isotérmico plegable para productos agroalimentarios - Faltbare Isolierverpackung für Lebensmittelprodukte


Our single-use historic, flagship solution

Lipbox solutions have been developed for the distribution of agro-food products, which are perishable or sensitive to temperature changes.

They are collapsible and have been conceived for national and continental shipments with transits of between 24-48 hours.

Colbag insulated bags


The ideal single-use solution for very short transits

Coldbag Solutions are the perfect solutions for last mile or capillary distribution, with transits of up to 6 hours.
Coldbag incorporates positive gel with high calorific capacity that provides low heat conductivity.