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Reparto last-mile

Times change. Going to buy at a physical store and taking the product home under your arm is something we associate with the baby boomer generation, or even the most nostalgic members of the Generation X. Whether due to e-commerce, the pandemic or the initiatives of the mega corporations, the fact is that we are already used to having our shipments delivered to our home at no extra cost and as soon as possible.

25th anniversary

We have been developing packaging solutions for the cold chain for 25 years — that’s 25 years at your side, guaranteeing the integrity of your temperature-sensitive products. Perhaps the greatest testimony to the know-how we have accumulated since our inception is the fact that Tempack has managed to evolve and stay ahead of the market. Beginning in Barcelona in 1996, we positioned ourselves in a niche that had barely been exploited: that of maintaining the traceability of  thermolabile pharmaceutical products in the cold chain through passive packaging systems. Years later, we applied all the knowledge we had acquired to offer solutions in the biotech and e-commerce markets, diversifying our activity.

greenin, sustainability, ecology

The increase in the production and consumption of packaging materials involves a growing waste output at the end of its life. Recycling has been recognized as a rational necessity, compared to alternative traditional deposit in landfill or incineration. In some European countries this is becoming a “legal” necessity. In this sense, GREENING is one of the main trends in new Packaging Systems. What is really this “greening”?

Shopping cart and laptop on table

The Ucommerce is pushing the Fresh Home Delivery Logistics in new directions. To increase the value, the logistic service is changing. Logistics firms need to be faster (“speed-to-market”), predictable and much more focused on the last mile. Deliveries are required in 2 hours and to be served after working hours, including Sunday. The Ucommerce market will require to speed the logistics process and to be more innovative.