Fresh archivos - Tempack Cold Chain S2D

The producer, the transformer, the logistics operator, the intermediary, the distributor, the carrier and of course the end customer: all of them benefit from the transport of perishable goods that ensures that the cold chain is maintained. Those not directly involved also benefit from this complex exchange.

Shopping cart and laptop on table

The Ucommerce is pushing the Fresh Home Delivery Logistics in new directions. To increase the value, the logistic service is changing. Logistics firms need to be faster (“speed-to-market”), predictable and much more focused on the last mile. Deliveries are required in 2 hours and to be served after working hours, including Sunday. The Ucommerce market will require to speed the logistics process and to be more innovative.

Fresh Home Delivery Challenge

The food industry has been slow to expand into e-commerce, due to issues such as freshness, product damage, low margins compared to other consumer products and logistical matters. The challenge is not only to reduce costs of delivery, but to also differentiate based upon quality and reliability of service. The most important challenge is to achieve the last mile and...