Inflation, especially related to fuel, makes circumstances difficult for cold chain logistics. Tempack solutions are competitive solutions. Ever heard of them?

Tempack Solutions: competitive refrigerated transport

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Wherever we look, we can see that inflation is hitting the global economy hard. For those of us involved in cold-chain logistics, the rise in some prices, particularly for fuel, is clear and worrying. The solution lies, as always, in competitiveness, but…

Unlike times gone by, this competitiveness cannot be implemented at any cost. There is a clear limit: environmental sustainability. At this crossroads, we believe that Tempack isothermal packaging solutions are a truly viable, efficient alternative that helps cold logistics to overcome a challenging situation.

Refrigerated transport for the perfect storm

If the meteoric rise in fuel prices is affecting the entire economy, whether households or companies, the situation is even more complicated in the case of refrigerated transport.

The figures are dizzying: in the first quarter of 2022, the increase in the costs of an articulated refrigerated vehicle is over one point higher than the average in the sector, surpassing 13%; diesel is responsible for 37% of operating costs; and the increase in the price received by carriers reaches practically 6% on average.

Furthermore, perishable products (the transport market at controlled temperatures), such as fresh and frozen foods, are experiencing increases of between 10% to 15%. That means that retailers are doubly affected by inflation.

And above all, sustainability!

That’s right. And not because of a great shopfront and CSR, but due to a pure survival instinct: environmental sustainability (and, therefore, economic sustainability: you can’t have one without the other) consists only in making the adjustments required in order to be able to change our ways of life for the better and “for good”.

This need to adapt to a new context, in particular that of decarbonizing the last mile and investing to meet increased demand and overcome restrictions on the most polluting mobility, puts many businesses (distribution, online sales or small businesses) in a truly difficult situation.

This context means that many distributors and retailers are forced to look for alternative solutions in other areas and financial items within their business model. Packaging is one of the aspects in which there is room for savings without losing quality of service.

Three examples of Tempack solutions

Here are three cases taken from our range of isothermal packaging solutions that undoubtedly make things easier for cold logistics companies, balancing competitiveness and sustainability.

  • Greenin RU: If re-usable isothermal packaging is the future for logistical reasons other than economics, and it is also made with recycled materials (regenerated textile inlays), the positive environmental impact is guaranteed. And the impact on your brand image, too.
  • PET Thermpack: In certain circumstances, it is only possible to use single-use isothermal packaging. For these situations, this packaging with inlays manufactured in recycled PET plastic provides high-thermal performance, cost efficiency due to its lightness and 70% energy savings in its manufacture.
  • Transforming vehicles: For urban distribution, modularity is key. Converting a conventional vehicle (whatever its type) into a multi-temperature delivery vehicle in an easy, fast and economical way, gives urban carriers the versatility required to optimize their routes. It saves time and ensures satisfaction for the end customer.