The Ucommerce is pushing the Fresh Home Delivery Logistics in new directions. To increase the value, the logistic service is changing. Logistics firms need to be faster (“speed-to-market”), predictable and much more focused on the last mile. Deliveries are required in 2 hours and to be served after working hours, including Sunday. The Ucommerce market will require to speed the logistics process and to be more innovative.

The Ucommerce is pushing the Fresh Home Delivery Logistics in new directions

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Ucommerce is pushing fresh home delivery logistics in new directions.

Speed to market (deliveries are now required within 2 hours, after working hours and on Sundays), greater predictability and a focus on the last mile all need to be cultivated if the value of logistic services are to increase. Innovation must take centre stage.

Ultimately, the primary challenge facing the sector is to ship food or other thermosensitive materials like pharmaceuticals and perishables, without any temperature excursions that may affect their integrity.

To this end, Tempack designs, tests and qualifies insulated packaging solutions based on the external temperatures your products will encounter while in transit. These custom solutions apply to both single-use and reusable shipping systems. Using climatic chambers, we test your individual packaging system according to the industry standards or custom temperature profiles, or both. By simulating packaging performance, we ensure the maintenance of the cold chain and the protection of your perishable shipments.

Tempack not only offers solutions for controlled temperature shipments, but also aims to reduce carbon footprint and minimise packaging waste. That is why we offer two types of solutions, reusable and single-use.

Reusable solutions are isolated systems that offer unmatched performance, as well as helping to reduce carbon footprint. You have the option of:

CarryTemp: Created specifically for home deliveries, under ATP certification.

Greenin RU: The ecological, reusable solution for home deliveries.

• Transport bag: The perfect choice for last mile deliveries.

The cost-effective, single-use solutions range has been designed and improved with more sustainable components. You can choose from:

Greenin SU: For more sustainable cold chain shipments.

Lipbox: Our historic flagship solution for agri-food shipments.

Colbag: A single-use solution ideal for very short transits.