Leading logistics operators are opting for modular solutions for their refrigerated logistics because they are energy and operationally efficient.

What is a modular system in refrigerated logistics?

logistics operators are opting for modular solutions for their refrigerated logistics because they are energy and operationally efficient.

How can modular systems help logistics operators separate chilled goods? Refrigeration logistics poses specific challenges, meaning that many operators need to create different compartments to manage temperature-controlled delivery in the most optimal way. How do they do it?

Flexibility is key to adaptation and passive isothermal packaging is an affordable, sustainable way to adapt to these needs. In this post, we’ll see how and to what extent modular systems like Tempack’s CarryTemp are a complete game changer.

The problem: the demand for temperature-sensitive products

When we talk about moving ordinary goods, the difficulties are well known, and the solutions are applied, more or less, universally. But when it comes to temperature-controlled goods (especially refrigerated and frozen goods, but also hot or room temperature goods), things change.

The demand for fresh produce, chilled or frozen food, thermolabile medicine and other temperature-sensitive goods is constantly growing and has reached a popularity that would have been unimaginable just some years ago. In short, ensuring that cold produce reaches its destination cold is not exactly simple.

Refrigeration logistics can give rise to many situations and inherent damage is irreversible: if the cold chain breaks, there’s no going back. Retail delivery of fresh produce in large cities is not the same as the intercontinental shipping of frozen produce to supermarkets. Refrigerated lorries are not efficient for all cases. This makes us question whether transporting such goods is economically viable.

The solution: reusable isothermal packaging

It was only a matter of time until major operators would start to decidedly opt for “isothermal vehicles” to solve the refrigeration logistics dilemma. It is a modular system made up of reusable temperature-controlled packaging of varying volumes and with different temperature ranges inside the same vehicle.

We’re talking about a “Tetris” of isothermal transport boxes — colloquially speaking — that can be mixed and matched depending on your specific needs. This modular way of working means that space, routes and times are optimised, which are the three main points of discussion for current logistics operators.

Other advantages are clear. Passive cooling modular solutions ensure considerable energy savings, prevent costly ATP certification procedures for refrigerated vehicles (in time and money) and make last-mile delivery much easier for conventional and less common vehicles (to date) because they come in a variety of sizes and are robust and lightweight.


CarryTemp to the rescue!

In fact, there are as many possibilities as there are transport scenarios. Find a tailor-made solution for your business, no matter your sector or your service’s characteristics.